PVC 每 Polyvinyl Chloride
PVC CLEAR Product properties
  Excellent resistance to chemicals
  High fire rating: Suitable for populated areas
  High light transmission
  “Water Clear” Clarity
  Optional high-impact and UV resistance
  Formable: can be thermoformed, vacuum formed, bent hot or cold, fabricated
PVC-AS CLEAR Product properties
  A “clean environment” is increasingly required in manufacturing and research & development facilities all over the world. The use of Static Dissipative materials has become indispensable in many industrial fields, such as semiconductor, liquid crystal display, electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, precision machinery, and biotechnology.
PVC FM4910 Product properties
  FM4910 listed materials are suitable for the cabinets and various pieces of process equipment used to manufacture semiconductors.
The materials feature excellent fire-retardant, and electrical isolation properties.
CPVC Product properties
  Heat resistant PVC plate is a laminated plate of heat resistant chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin (C-PVC) manufactured by calender pressing. This heat resistant PVC plate boasts properties of the highest heat resistance (Vicat softening temperature of 107°C)
PVC-CAW Product properties
  Proven material made of PVC-U
  Proven track record in tank and chemical equipment construction
  Chemical resistance
  High rigidity
  UV-stabilised and weather resistant (PVC-CAW-UV)
  Extensive standard range of products

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